Seizures of labratory equipments

April 2015

  • A Customs Officer detected and seized 188 pieces of labratory equipments from a 40 foot container consigned to a person of interest who had been in a relationship with another known person of interest. The lab equipments were consequently transferred to Police for further investigations.



Seizures of vehicles more than 12 years old

June 2015

  • A total of 7 vehicles had veen seized by Customs after a physical examination and verification to confirm that the vehicles were more than 12 years old. Some vehicles were eventually re-exported by the importer whereby other vehicles are currently within the Customs compound.



Seizures on containers

June 2015

  • A Customs Officer detected 2 pornographic DVDs and 2 M16 magazines from one of two 40 foot containers imported from America. Both containers were examined thoroughly, however neither M16 firearm was detected nor any M16 ammos.

062015 Exhibits



Seizures of fireworks

December 2015

  • A Customs Officer seized countless fireworks from various consignments. The seized fireworks are currently secured in the Customs Bond.



Seizures on fishing vessel

22 September 2015

  • A Customs Officer on wharf duty boarded one fishing vessel and managed to discover 20 bricks of SHUANXI cigarettes concealed within one of the cabinets of the Masters cabin. The cigarettes were undeclared goods and were therefore forfeited to the state. The captain of the fishing vessel has been issued a stern warning letter as well as a notice of seizure for the 20 bricks of cigarettes.

22092015 Exhibits


Seizures of goods breaching Intellectual Property Rights

March 2016

  • A Customs Officer was tasked to examine a 20 foot container containing commercial goods detected and seized goods that are known to have breached Intellectual Property Rights. This was further confirmed from a letter of the authorized dealer/agent of the rights holder such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. The counterfeit goods are currently secured inside the Customs Bond.
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