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The Ministry for Revenue is a diverse business. The Ministry:
  • Administers 4 tax types;
  • Administers business, Liquor and Customs and Shipping agent licenses
  • Facilitates legitimate trade through an intelligence led risk based approach
  • Protects Samoa's borders from threats through the interception of illegal drugs,
    firearms and other prohibited and restricted goods, using intelligence analysis,
    computer-based analysis and detector dogs.
  • Administers the effective and efficient collection of the import excise and
    domestic excise taxes in conformity with the Excise Acts, and the control of
    warehouses as prescribed in the Customs Act.
  • Has 7 delivery sites – including offices, ports and K9 facilities;
  • Employs over 180 staff.







Prohibited goods are the goods that CANNOT be imported or exported under any circumstances.
Restricted goods are the goods that CAN be imported or exported but must meet certain conditions before clearance through Customs.

Download the PDF below to view the list of prohibited and restricted goods for Samoa
file pdf Prohibited and Restriced Goods


Inland Revenue Services                                       Samoa Customs Services
DBS Building 4th Floor                                          P.O. Box 44
P.O. Box 1877                                                     Matautu-tai
Telephone: (0685) 20411                                     Telephone: (0685) 21561
Fax: (0685) 20414                                               Fax: (0685) 21563

Website: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Here are the latest Customs import and export exchange rates from the Central Bank of Samoa. They are applied on a weekly basis and are incorporated into the Customs ASYCUDA World System for declaration or entry processing.


Customs Exchange Rates 2018  


file pdf01st -  05th

file pdf08th - 12th

file pdf15th - 19th

file pdf22nd -26th

file pdf29th - 2nd Feb 



file pdf05th - 09th 

file pdf12th - 16th 

file pdf19th - 23rd 

file pdf26th - 2nd  



file pdf05th - 09th

file pdf12th - 16th
file pdf19th - 23th

file pdf26th - 30th



file pdf02nd - 06th

file pdf09th - 13th

file pdf16th - 20th

file pdf23th - 27th

file pdf30th - 04th May



file pdf07th - 11th

file pdf14th - 18th

file pdf21st - 25th

file pdf28th - 01st June



file pdf04th - 08th

file pdf11th - 15th

file pdf18th - 22nd 

file pdf25th - 29th 



file pdf 02nd - 06th

file pdf 09th - 13th

file pdf 16th - 20th new icon blink






You can download old rates here

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