Seizures at Faleolo Airport

July 2016 

  • A Customs Officer working during a flight from New Zealand detected 2 x cartons of fireworks inside a suitcase of a male passenger. These cartons were seized and transferred to the main office to be secured inside the Customs Bond.
  • A Customs Officer on duty at the Faleolo Airport detected an undeclared 1 x 12 gauge pump action shot gun concealed inside a bundle of mats by a passenger arriving from American Samoa. This firearms is currently in Customs custody.



Seizures at freight station

30 May 2016

  • A Customs Officer assigned to clear cargoes at one of the freight stations had seized 7 boxes of ammunitions imported by 4 different consignments.
    • 1 consignment = 2 boxes x 25 rounds 12 gauge ammunitions
    • 1 consignment = 3 boxes x 50 rounds .22 cartridges
    • 1 consignment = 1 box 


Seizures on fishing vessel

20 May 2016

  • A Customs Officer boarded a fishing vessel on fishing grounds to perform normal inward clearance procedures and later conducted a brief inspection of the vessel to ensure compliance with legislation. During this inspection, 70 bricks of Xionshi cigarettes were found unaccounted for. The 70 bricks of cigarettes were immediately seized and transferred to the Customs HQ.



Seizures of firearms

06 May 2016

  • A Customs Officer seized 2 firearms and 6 boxes of ammunitions. Details of firearms and ammunitions seized are as follows:
    • 1 x STEVEN 16 gauge shotgun (Exhibit 1)
    • 1 x HASXELL 45 ACP pistol (Exhibit 2)
    • 5 x 25 shells ESTATE 20 gauge ammunitions (Exhibit 3) 
    • 1 x 20 cartridges BARNES 45 pistol ammunitions (Exhibit 3)

06052016 Exhibits



Seizures at Faleolo Airport

August 2016

  • A Customs Officer working during a flight from Fiji detected 13 pornographic DVD's inside a Chinese nationals suitcase. The indecent DVD's were seized and have been transferred to the main office.
  • A Customs Officer detected 3 pornographic DVD's in two separate occassions, both passengers were Chinese nationals who arrived from Fiji ex HK ex China

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