As a user of Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD), you are responsible for ensuring that your POS is compatible with the External or Virtual SDC so that it can communicate with SDC of your choice. SDC compatible means that POS has equal connectivity settings which must be adjusted to meet manufacturer’s installation requirements. MCR is provider of Virtual SDC (V–SDC) which requires Internet connection to produce a transaction. External SDC (E–SDC) is produced by vendor from the list.

Listed here are information about the products that have met technical requirements for obtaining certificate to become POS and E–SDC accredited products. With this list we issue a confirmation of accreditation that recognizes the compatibility of the POS with SDC giving the fact that physical interfaces are compatible (ask suppliers for details).

Click here to download a List of Accredited Products and Companies

Date of Accreditation Product Type Works with Accreditation Type SupplierProduct Name Model Hardware Version Software Version Country of Origin Website Contact
2020-06-26POS E-SDC & V-SDC Transferable Link TechnologiesLinkSoftN/A N/A 12Australia au
2020-04-14POS E-SDC & V-SDCTransferable Tech360 PTE/Connect IT Samoa360 FinancialsN/A N/A 2.9Fiji Rosie Ah Yen-Curry +685 27333
2020-04-14POSE-SDCTransferable UnifiedSoft.ltdSoftSDCN/A N/A 2.0.63 UAE
2020-06-03POS E-SDC & V-SDC Transferable Enovasions Pte LimitedLS CentralLS Retail N/A 15Fiji
2020-06-03POS E-SDC & V-SDC Transferable Enovasions Pte LimitedMS Dynamics 365D365 N/A 15Fiji
2020-06-03POS E-SDC Transferable Idealpos Solution Pty LtdIdealpos POS SoftwareN/A N/A 7.1 (Build 9 or Higher)Australia
2020-06-10POS E-SDC Transferable Softnet Solution/ Digicel SamoaSoftPOSN/A N/A 3Fiji /
2020-06-11POS E-SDC & V-SDCTransferable Toniq LimitedToniq RetailN/A N/A 5.33New Zealand
2020-06-26POS V-SDC Transferable Tech 360 Fiji Limited/ Connect IT Samoa360 HospitalityN/A N/A 2Fiji Anish Kumar +685 300776 Rosie Ah Yen-Curry +685 27333
2020-06-26POS V-SDC Transferable Fueltorque LimitedFueltorqueN/A N/A Host 2.04 POS 2.1 BO 4.03New Zealand
2020-06-29POS V-SDC Transferable The Learning Centre LtdCloudTIMSN/A N/A 1New Zealand
2020-06-29POS V-SDC Non – TransferableThe China Navigation Company Pte Ltd trading as Swire Shipping AgenciesSwire Shipping ERPN/A N/A 1Samoa N/A N/A
2020-08-13POS V-SDC Transferable Greenology SamoaXLink-Xero API ConnectorN/A N/A 1.0.1 Samoa +685 7772369 +685 7775703
2020-08-19POS E-SDCTransferable Inspur SoftwareTechnology Co. LtdInspur ESDC IS-100IS-100 21.0301China
2020-08-24POS V-SDC Transferable Greenology SamoaMlinkMYOP API ConnectorN/A N/A 1.0.41 Samoa +685 7772369 +685 7775703
2020-08-25POSE-SDCTransferable NeedERP Solutions PTE LTDNeedERP Solutions PTE LTDNeedE SDC N/A India
2020-09-04POSE-SDCTransferable UnifiedSoft_ltdSoftSDC – AndroidAndroid N/A 1.6UAE
2020-09-08POS E-SDC & V-SDC Transferable Triquestra LtdInfinityN/A N/A 6New Zealand Savelyeva Anastasia
2020-09-15POS V-SDC Transferable IDS NEXT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT. LTDFortune NextN/A N/A 6.5India
2020-09-25POS V-SDC Transferable Booking SamoaBS AccountsOnline POS N/A 1.1Samoa Kevin Hartin
2020-09-25POS V-SDC Transferable Informatics International LimitedAvaBillPOS, Collection & BillingN/A 4.8Sri Lanka Hiran Wikramasinghe
2020-09-28POSV-SDCTransferableAnstel Pty LtdTaxmateN/AN/A1.XAustralia
2020-10-05POSV-SDCTransferableHealthSoft/ RxOneRxOneN/AN/A3020.9.3001New Zealand
2020-10-14POS E-SDC Transferable Oracle do BrasilOracle Hospitality OPERA 5N/A N/A 5.6Brazil
2020-11-23POS V-SDC Transferable Oracle Global ServicesOracle MICROS SimphonyN/A N/A 18.2USA
2020-12-07POS V-SDC Non – TransferableNational Pacific Insurance SamoaGeneral Insurance ProductsN/A N/A 1.1Samoa N/A N/A
2020-12-22POS V-SDC Transferable Wisetech Global LimitedCargoWiseN/A N/A 2020.11.0 1 Australia
2021-01-11POS V-SDC Transferable Amtrax LimitedBizInvoiceN/A N/A 1.0.3 New Zealand
2021-01-13POS E-SDC & V-SDCTransferable Yield Management Services Pty LtdroomMasterOnline Fiscali sation ModuleN/A 1.0.1 Australia
2021-01-29POS E-SDC Non – TransferableBAT Samoa LtdRCS8N/A N/A 12.1Samoa N/A N/A
2021-02-01POS E-SDC Transferable UnifiedSoft_lt dSoftSDC – AndroidN/A N/A UAE`
2021-02-05POS E-SDC Transferable WizBang Technologies Ltdonetap POSN/A N/A 20.02New Zealand
2021-02-12 POS V-SDC & E-SDCTransferable CJ Patel CoBizzxe ERPN/A N/A 1.7Fiji N/A 6799990606
2021-02-19POS V-SDC & E-SDCTransferable Independent SolutionsProfit – TrackN/A N/A 3.11.10+ Australia ali.mortezapour@independent
2021-02-27POS V-SDC & E-SDCTransferable ACT HoldingsNewPOSN/A N/A Minimum 6.1.30N/A N/A
2021-04-27POS V-SDC & E-SDCTransferable Need ERP Solutions Samoa Pte LtdNeed ERPN/A N/A 21.01.15 India +679 9205174 +685 7639977
2021-06-15POS E-SDC Transferable Able Home & Office FijiReino Easy POSN/A N/A 1.1.23 Fiji Jennifer Livigisitone Singh +6857547999 Rajendra Singh +6857771392
2021-07-06POS V-SDC & E-SDCNon – TransferableAir New ZealandETR ServicesN/A N/A ETR Zealand
2021-08-05 POSV-SDCTransferableMaplewaveTransact DesktopN/AN/
2022-04-12 POSV-SDC & E-SDCTransferableMICROCHANNEL PTY LTDSAP Business One V10N/AN/A10Australia Chandra
2022-06-29 POSV-SDCTransferableModulate Solutions LimitedLS CentralN/AN/A16New Zealand
2022-08-19POSE-SDCTransferableSynBiz Financial Services LtdSynPOSN/AN/A1.2.60Samoahttps://www.synbizsolutions.comJennifer Livigisitone 600377/ +6857547999 | Rajendra Singh 600377/ +6857771392
2023-01-31POSE-SDC & V-SDCTransferableMy Enterprise Solutions Ptd. Ltd.MyPOSPOS/ERPN/A2.0.0.1Fiji/ Samoa / | +685 7133757 / +679 9265710
2023-02-23POSV-SDCNon-TransferableNational Pacific Insurance SamoaSamoa Fiscal Invoice N/AN/A1.0.0New Zealand

▪ Transferrable means this accreditation can be sold by designated supplier only. Accreditation is transferrable to taxpayer who purchases this product

▪ Non-transferable means this accreditation can be used by taxpayer listed on the accreditation only. Accreditation is not transferrable to other taxpayers

Be advised that any change made to an accredited product voids its accreditation.

The accreditation is only applicable to the product in the configuration that has been evaluated by the Ministry of Revenue and Customs.

EFD vendor accreditation is the process through which POS or E-SDC products become accredited for a specific jurisdiction.

There are two types of accreditations:

▪ Transferable – EFD vendors (developers, manufacturers or resellers) can apply to have their products accredited so they can sell them to taxpayers in that jurisdiction

▪ Non-transferable – individual taxpayers can apply and go through the process of accreditation for a POS or E-SDC solution they are already using.

Each new POS or E-SDC product (or a new product version) has to go through the accreditation process. Only after it becomes officially accredited by the tax authority, it can be sold to taxpayers from that jurisdiction as an EFD component.

The accreditation process consists of two parts:

▪ Technical review – performed only once for a single POS or E-SDC product (or single product version). When a product successfully passes the technical review, the vendors can apply for accreditation in as many jurisdictions as they wish.

▪ Administrative review – specific for each jurisdiction. After a product passes the common technical review, it has to go through the administrative review for each jurisdiction separately.

During the administrative review, the Commissioner evaluates documentation by cross-examining the functionality stated in the user manual and other documentation to ensure that the implemented functions operate as described.

During the technical review, the Commissioner identifies whether there are any of the following types of issues:

1. Non-compliance: a deviation from the expected output, must be solved by the applicant;

2. Bug: represents a failure, flow or fault in software that produces incorrect or unexpected results, must be solved by the applicant;

3. Doubt: represents uncertainty due to possible misinterpretation and is resolved by investigation and clarification from the applicant;

4. Observation: represents minor faults, mainly in documentation or sample appearance; these issues shall contain sub-class mandatory or voluntary which will reflect the applicant’s level of obligation to solve;

5. Improvement: represents a proposal to improve functionality, which the applicant may solve or not.

All issues that are non-compliance, bugs, doubts and observations with a mandatory sub-class must be solved before the accreditation is granted. After the issues are resolved and finalized to the satisfaction of the Commissioner and the applicant, the Commissioner writes the accreditation report describing the evaluation process and the outcome of the process and making recommendations for or against the accreditation

Only after a product passes both the technical review and administrative review, it can become officially accredited for the jurisdiction(s) selected in the administrative part of the process.

EFD vendors use the Developer Portal to test their POS or E-SDC products and apply for accreditation.

If you are interest in getting accredited as an official vendor, please click the button below to get access to the development environment

Apply for EFD Accreditation Here

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