Customs Procedures

Samoa Customs works closely with other government and international enforcement agencies to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border. The task of intercepting illegal drugs and firearms at all ports of entry has been greatly improved due to the enforcement and implementation of standard operating procedures  and tools such as the mobile x-ray machine, detector dogs,  and other technologies.

Changes are now in place through the ongoing Customs Modernization Project aiming at strengthening its services:
    1. By improving the revenue flows for provision of government services
    2. By providing better services to the trading community
    3. By implementing effective & efficient border management procedures
    4. By improving the capacity to monitor and provide timely statistics

The introduction of the Automated Systems for Customs Data World version also known as the ASYCUDA WORLD, capitalizes on the web technology to connect with its customers anywhere locally and abroad.Customs have now made available all external Standard Operating Procedures and can be downloaded here. Updated versions will be available soon.


  • Get your copy or view the list of new fees here
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