Automatic Exchange of Information

Samoa undertook the following actions in order to fully commit to AEOI:

Sign to the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (“MCAA”) in October 2015;

Sign up and ratify the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administration Assistance in Tax Matters (“the Convention”) on 25th August 2016.  This Convention became effect for Samoa on 1st December 2016;

Amending the Tax information Exchange Act 2012 by inserting AEOI Common Reporting Standard or ‘CRS’ as part of our laws, with amendments commencing on 31st December 2016; and

Creation of IT portal to allow for automatic exchange, Multi-Data Exchange Solution (‘MDES’) which was created by an IT company in Curacao called Bearing-Point under a contract with the Government of Samoa.  Click on the following link to access MDES

For Official communications concerning AEOI, contact

  1. If you already registered in 2017 on MDES to report, you do NOT need to re-register.
  1. You are only required to register if you are a reporting Financial Institution (FI) as per CRS definition.
  1. However, if you have conducted self-certification and concluded that you are NOT a reporting FI, then you are required to inform Samoa’s Competent Authority on why you have come to this conclusion. You can email us at stating the following:
    1. The name of your FI
    2. The name of your local Registered Office/Resident Agent; and
    3. Reasons why you are not a reporting FI.
  1. If you evaluated your FI as non reporting for a certain year, you are required to carry out an annual self certification if your non-reporting status remains. Once you have identified your FI as reporting as per CRS, you are then required to register for MDES in order to carry out your CRS reporting obligations.
  1. To register, seek assistance from our AEOI team at email
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