How to comply with TIMS?

After being selected in the published group list, a business taxpayer will need to complete two phases in order to become fully compliant with TIMS.

Phase 1: Complete registration and uplift Admin Smart Card provided by the Ministry.

Phase 2: Setup Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) and start issuing fiscal receipts to customer.

1. Download and fill in the initial enrollment Information Update Form which can be found on our website or at our Savalalo or Salelologa offices.

PDF, PNG, 512x512px, Pdf, Adobe Reader, Area, Blue, Brand Download ...Information Update Form – Individuals 

PDF, PNG, 512x512px, Pdf, Adobe Reader, Area, Blue, Brand Download ...Information Update Form – Non-Individuals 

2. Once the form is filled and signed. Scan and email the form to or drop it at our Savalalo or Salelologa offices.

3. The Ministry will update your tax information and send you an enrollment email with a link for taxpayer to setup a 4 digit PIN code and submit.
(Do not forget the PIN code, we suggest you write it down or tick the option in the link to receive a copy of PIN via email)

4. The Ministry will review the information submitted and send a confirmation of enrolment. We will also notify you via email when your smart card is ready to be picked up.

Once Admin Card is uplifted in Step 4, you have completed the registration process and you can now log into the Taxpayer Administration Portal (TAP) to have full access to all TAP features. A card reader is needed to insert the smart card in and this device is available at retail computer equipment stores or you can purchase one from our Savalalo or Salelologa office.

Upon completion of the first phase, a business taxpayer will have a freedom of choice to choose the EFD that best suits their needs from the list of accredited products approved by the Ministry and start issuing fiscal invoices or receipts to become compliant with TIMS regulations.

The Ministry also offers a user friendly TaxCore Free POS app for any small or medium-sized business to fully comply whilst also keeping track of their invoices and product lists.

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