Issued Pursuant to the Tax Administration (TIMS) Regulations – TIMS Group 1 Taxpayers

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The Ministrv of Customs and Revenue (’MCR’) wishes to advise all businesses in Group 1 (as defined by the TIMS 2020 article 29, subregulation 3) that there is no extension to the compliance deadline. All Group 1 businesses need to fully comply by 1 July 2020. Failure to meet the requirements stipulated under the Tax Administration (Tax Invoice Monitoring System) Regulations 2020 will provoke penalties.

Businesses that will request an extension but have not yet completed the enrollment process will automatically be rejected because this is an indication of reluctance to comply. The enrollment is an independent process that takes very little time. It is no way connected with setting up your Electronic Fiscal Device System (“EFD”). This means that there is no reason for businesses to delay enrollment.

Only businesses that have completed the enrollment process and submitted supporting documents confirming that the delay is due to vendor’s inability to set up their EFD, or legitimate problems with obtaining the necessary hardware, will be considered for an extension by the Chief Executive Officer.

There are a number of Point of Sale (“POS”) and E-SDC products that have been accredited and published on the Ministry’s website ( ). Businesses with no invoicing system are strongly advised to consult the published material to select the best option that suits the nature of your business activities.

Businesses that already have an invoicing system which is not yet accredited, please contact your vendor immediately to inform them of the requirement to have their product accredited. The first step for accreditation is visiting the Ministry’s website (http://localhost:8080/Ministry_of_Customs_&_Revenue/accreditation/ – accreditation ) to access the manuals and sandbox for testing.

A complete list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding all TIMS related matters are available online

For more information or enquiries please contact our TIMS Support Team on email

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