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Ministry of Customs & Revenue launches a new tax invoicing system "TAX INVOICE MONITORING SYSTEM"

Tax Invoice Monitoring System (‘TIMS’) is a new initiative by the Government of Samoa through the Ministry of Customs and Revenue (‘The Ministry’) to increase tax compliance and consequently reduce hidden economy and tax evasion. The newly introduced system will help taxpayers easily comply and provide insight into data submitted to the Government, as each transaction whether it is sale of goods or services will be accounted for. The use of the TIMS will apply to all businesses belonging to respective groups announced by the Commissioner as per Tax Administration (Tax Invoice Monitoring System) Regulations 2020. Taxpayers are now encouraged to update all information at the Inland Revenue Services Office and begin their journey to full compliance but the deadline will depend on which group they fall under.

The Ministry will schedule awareness workshops and training sessions for taxpayers on a frequent basis. Support throughout implementation, operations and maintenance of the system will also be provided by technical consultants contracted by the Ministry for a long term.

TIMS will enhance domestic revenue collection by creating equal level playing field among all taxpayers and provide insight for both taxpayers and the members of the public (customers) with simple mechanisms designed to enable verification of each transaction providing assurance that the right amount of tax is reported to the Ministry in real or near-real time.

For more information on the new system you can visit our website or email us at

PDF, PNG, 512x512px, Pdf, Adobe Reader, Area, Blue, Brand Download ...TIMS Awareness – Samoa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), 20th February 2020

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