Public Notice Issued Pursuant to the Tax Administration (TIMS) Regulations 2020

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Public Notice Issued Pursuant to the Tax Administration (Tax Invoice Monitoring System) Regulations 2020

The Ministry of Customs and Revenue (‘MCR’) wish to remind all businesses in Group 1 that in accordance with the Tax Administration (Tax Invoice Monitoring System) Regulations 2020, they are required to install the Electronic Fiscal Devices (‘EFD’) at their businesses by 1 July 2020, while others are welcome to do so voluntarily or wait for their respective Group’s deadline announcement.


As advised in our previous presentations, TIMS will greatly help you monitor your daily sales and during these uncertain times of COVID-19, you will be able to measure the impact on your daily sales. Having that information at real or near real time will surely help you make immediate proactive strategies to address the areas of concern instead of waiting for the financial reports from your accountants or finance team. That same information will also assist the government in identifying potential assistance if the downturn in your business operations is a direct consequence of COVD-19. Therefore, it is very important that you proceed now to comply with TIMS and not later, as eventually everyone will install EFDs as it is now enforced by legislation.


To ensure compliance is met in time, MCR has provided an EFD test environment to developers and manufacturers of Point of Sale (‘POS’) systems and Electronic Sales Data Controller (‘E-SDC’) devices to test before final submission for accreditation of their products. More information on accreditation process and other related resources can be found here:


We therefore urge all POS and ESDC vendors who wish to retain their existing or gain new customers to immediately register on accreditation development portal and commence accreditation process in accordance with conditions set in Schedule 3 of TIMS Regulation.


MCR is also collecting information from vendors who will supply smart card readers to facilitate communication with secure elements (‘smart cards’) issued to each business at the time of their enrollment for accessing Taxpayer Admin Portal (‘TAP’). The cost of this accessory ranges between ST$40 and ST$200, depending on the brand and features it offers.


A complete list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding all TIMS related matters are available online at:


For more information or enquiries please contact our TIMS Support Team on email


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